Coaching and Training



I have brought together experts from various fields under the Buckley Bracondale umbrella so you can elect the coaching course that suits you and the coaches you want to deliver it.


Areas of expertise include:

a)  Diversity Coaching:

There is increasing awareness that diversity is of huge, and increasing, importance and companies that fail to grasp this and do not ensure their employees develop mutual respect and appreciation for different perspectives and backgrounds will rapidly fall behind. First, because many talented people will find other companies more attracive to join. Second, because many existing and potential clients will take their work elsewhere to companies who do more to promote a diverse workplace. Failing to commit to diversity and inclusion is a lose/lose mistake.

At Buckley Bracondale we offer a course of training which is educational and informative, and structured to not only be common sense but also make business sense. We do not simply offer a workshop.


b)  Media Training:

To come across well on television and radio it is fundamental that your first have an understanding of who you want to be, how you presently come across, and what message you want to communicate. Buckley Bracondale assists our clients in reaching these levels of understanding and then, and only then, imparts the do’s and don’ts of engaging with the media.


c)  Communications Coaching:

Group and individual coaching to ensure that every member of the team knows what the company message is and is consistent in delivering it. In particular, we have developed two series of modules to assist firms of solicitors. One is designed for companies who have recently merged and need to find a coherent and collective narrative for the new company and then communicate this to their employees and, thereafter, their clients and potential clients. The second is focussed upon New Partners to assist them in improving their communications skills and, as a result, bring in new business.


Members of the team include:


David Matthews

David Matthews Portrait

David is a communications consultant with over 20 years’ experience of working with a broad range of UK and international organisations on cultural impact.An award-winning writer, journalist and documentary maker, David specialises in socially responsive communications, behaviour change messaging and media strategy.His broad portfolio of clients currently includes the United Nations, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and Western Union.

Anne Bailey

.picture of anne
Anne has worked in communications for over 20 years, in the private, public and voluntary sectors for companies including  BT, Safeway, and Suffolk County Council. She has been a non-exceutive director of Papworth Hospital for nine years and is currently a NED for the newly formed Eastern Academic Health Science Network. She has developed innovative communication training and development programmes designed to improve an individual’s personal impact and effectiveness as a leader and a colleague. She also works with groups to establish new approaches to problem solving and conflict management. Anne’s one-to-one coaching is very effective.

Will Buckley



Over the last 25 years I have worked as a broadcaster, barrister and journalist communicating different stories to wildly different audiences. If I have learned anything it is how to tell a story and three years working as a business development director for a firm of solicitors have convinced me that developing a talent for storytelling could be as helpful for lawyers and accountants as it is for broadcasters, barristers and journalists. Tell your story right and the new clients will follow.