• For over 25 years I have worked in journalism, during that time writing pieces for every major national newspaper and most of the major magazines. These have ranged from interviewing the great and less than good to columns in GQ, The Observer, the Express, the Mirror, the New Statesman, Maxim, the EDP and, drum roll, the Norwich City programme. I have appeared on the front cover of Night & Day and page 3 of the Sun.
  • All this experience means that i) I know what makes a story ii) I know who is best-placed to publish that story iii) I know how to write the story in such a way as to maximise the chances that they will publish it. I will not be sending thousands of e-mails to generic addresses. I will be consulting with you to jointly determine the story you want to tell and to whom you want to tell it. I will write that story and personally place it. In the unlikely event this proves not to be possible, instead of pointing to thousands of unanswered e-mails, I will garner personal feedback so that together we can directly  learn from any mistakes.
  • My intention is to offer a boutique service which assists you in developing a coherent narrative for your business and then ensures that this story is told to the right audience. This is most readily achieved, not by assorted one-off pieces, but by a coherent strategy rolled out over many years.
  • In addition, I have close ties with two of the leading PR companies in London should you require a national campaign or crisis management. This arrangement ensures that you can receive daily local assistance while also having ready access to a national service. It is both efficient and cost-effective.