The First Family of Football and why the English Hacks worship them.

In the beginning, there was Harry, who made his name as non-scoring midfielder at West Ham, before going on to manage nine different football clubs and oversee the fine details of many many football transfers. While he was at West Ham Harry met Frank Snr. He was a swashbuckling left-back who played over 500 times […]



Apologising for Apologising: Jeremy Clarkson is the Servant of Two Masters.

First, there was the You Tube non-apology of an apology for the non-offence of an offence (…word I was extremely keen to avoid…I mumbled where the word occurred…realized I’d actually used the word I was trying to obscure…please be assured I did everything in my power not to use that word’) Second, there was the […]

UKIP and the Pub Landlord – when all publicity is good publicity.

            Perhaps the most startling quote in the Sunday papers came in Rod Liddle’s column. He was in Newark and had asked a man of indeterminate age (he has fun with this) how he intended to vote. “Anyway, he replied with great enthusiasm: ‘I will be voting for UKIP.’ And […]

pub landlord pic

Are you a natural journalist? The Answer…is…

  …’There will be no school next Thursday.’ Neither Ephron nor anyone in her class came remotely close to it. She recalled: ‘It was a breathtaking moment. In that instant I realized that journalism was not just about regurgitating the facts but about figuring out the point. It wasn’t enough to know the who, what, […]

Are you a natural journalist? The Question

  Nora Ephron, the celebrated screenplay writer and journalist who died in 2012, always used to say the most helpful storywriting lesson she was ever taught occurred during her first journalism lesson. Here is an anglicised version of the assignment the teacher gave her: ‘During this lesson I want you to write the lead to […]


And so we come to the naming of names..

A large majority of attempts at sociable communications begin with a name: ‘Hi, I’m Will’; ‘Hi, I’m Will Buckley’; ‘Hi I’m William J Buckley’; ‘Hi, I’m William J Buckley of Buckley Bracondale’. How we introduce ourselves can be something of a tell. To me, less is more. I don’t need to know someone’s surname, the […]